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Principal: David Batey MIE (Aust.) CP (Eng.) 
Registered Building Practitioner, NPER-3.

As Principal Engineer David oversees the 500+ projects per annum which Fine Design undertakes. 

David Batey holds the following Memberships:
  • Institution of Engineers (Australia) since 15/09/83.
  • NPER-3 National Professional Engineers Register
  • Chartered Professional Engineer
  • Building Commission
  • Building Practitioners Board EC – 1589 SD – 38
  • Master Builders Association of Victoria
  • Concrete Institute of Australia
  • Australian Steel Institute
  • Association of Consulting Structural Engineers, Victoria
  • Building Designers Association of Victoria
  • Foundation and Footings Society, Victoria
  • Registered Professional Engineer of Queensland RPEQ 7393

David has been actively involved in the following Committees:
  • Industrial Rope Access Association. This is an industry-based group for members using twin rope, fall protection equipment methods.  David has been a key Committee Member giving technical advice over the past 10 years and was President in 1999 of the Industrial Rope Access Association that works closely with Victoria WorkCover to cover issues relating to Industrial Rope Access.
  • Standards Australia Working Group / Committee involvement for industrial fall-arrest systems and devices:
    • AS/NZS 1891.2:1998 Horizontal Lifeline and Rail Systems
    • AS/NZS 4488:1997 Industrial Rope Access Systems, Part 1: Specifications, Part 2: Selection, use and maintenance
  • Standards Australia and New Zealand Committee
  • Artificial Climbing Structures and Sub-Committees SF047
    • MIE Australia have formally recognised David Batey as a member of the Association with sufficient experience to be included on their listing for Artificial Climbing Structures Draft Code Committee.
  • David Batey, at the invitation of Peter Rodrigues at Melbourne City Council, was a key member of a sub-committee to extensively expand the existing guidelines to create Melbourne’s Code of Practice for Overhead Protective Structures, published June 1999.

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